Start Your Lucrative Real Estate Investing Journey And Build Your Wealth – Even With Zero Capital!

Build Your Wealth And Your Financial Freedom Through Real Estate Investing With Little to No Capital Upfront

Achieve Financial Freedom And Take Back Control Of Your Life

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Inside The Boeckle Brother’s Academy, you’ll get the exact steps we took to turn a small real estate business into a multi-million dollar company, which you can use to start (and succeed) with real estate investing and acquiring properties even with minimal or zero capital upfront.

Landon Boeckle and Jesse Richards

Landon Boeckle and Jesse Boeckle

Real Estate Investors

Specializing in Flipping Mid Level Homes & Luxury Homes in the Las Vegas Market, Landon & Jesse Boeckle have made a name for themselves in the Real Estate World.

With over 300 properties and Over Half a Billion dollars in Sales Volume under their belt in a short 5 year career, The Boeckle Brothers have influenced hundreds of other investors to make a change in their lives and start flipping houses.

The Boeckle Brothers have now started coaching new and experienced investors on how to acquire more properties, how to manage a high volume of flips, and most of all how to capitalize and maximize profits on the investments.


YOU WILL Learn How To…


Find And Obtain Money

Learn how to get into real estate investing without putting up capital upfront. We’ll teach you different ways to find and obtain the funding you need for your first property.


Conquering The MLS

Take advantage of over 800 Multiple Listing Service (MLS) platforms and get access to a large pool of properties for sale. Learn how to analyze, offer, negotiate, and purchase properties directly from the MLS.


Evaluating a Deal

Know the different types of deals and how to calculate them considering all the costs, after-repair value, and your profit margin. You’ll also get a free property analyzer spreadsheet for easy data analysis.


Construction Management

Discover ways to vet and work with contractors to accomplish your construction goals without a hitch from the hiring process, to timeline management, and quality control.


Designing a Flip

Learn how you can design and remodel your property that will make the most impact on your prospective buyers, and turn it into a no-brainer deal.

And More!


The Boeckle Brother’s Academy

What you will learn when you enroll

30-Day “Boeckle Satisfaction” Guarantee

Joining this program is the best investment you can make for yourself if you’re looking to succeed in the real estate industry. But we know you want to make sure you’re not exposing yourself to unnecessary risks, and that you can get your money’s worth.

That said, to make it easier for you, we’re taking all the risks and will give you the option to try this program for 30 days and if you do all the steps outlined in the course and show proof that you did them within a 30-day period and did not make more than what this investment costs, you’ll get 100% of your money back, GUARANTEED.

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Achieve Financial Freedom And Quit Your 9-5 Job Through Real Estate Investing

Now, you can get into the lucrative and highly profitable world of real estate, even if you don’t have prior skills, experience, or capital. We’ll give you a step-by-step guide to take you from not knowing anything about real estate to owning your own million-dollar real estate company simply by following our guides, strategies, and other value-packed resources. This way, you can finally achieve the financial freedom you deserve, without needing your 9-5 job.

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